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Carson Ellis (b. 1975, Vancouver, Canada) - The Infinite Corpse

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78 plays Plutonium Sole Selling Live Water


Forty year-old women with cakes and carriages
Singing bible hymns ain’t fixing anything
Get your picket signs, go on strike, get a five cent raise
You’re a champion now
They’re making model citizens out of your children
Mapping personal growth through frivolousness; so seperated
Yet drugged up to nowhereland. even love feels artificial;
Happiness, my loaded pistol
In the ’20s, i’da been a socialist in a colorado coal mine
But it’s 2000-something and the rats love their mazes

It’s all so ethnospecific and opinionated
Divided we take our antidepressants and make our appointments
Let the dolphins die, but who’s gonna save the humans?
I’ve been to a million cities and they’re all the same:
People laugh and talk the same
Girls all flirt the same, employees all dream the same
Love your grid and your comfort zone
Look out for the white-girl suicide bombers
Look out for your time or your piece of mind
Or entertainment above the fifth grade level
Stay ignorant and easily corralled
Through conservative reforms
'Til we're broke from the half-measures
Taxed to the teeth to fund the caste system
Living it up for our stereotypes
And I know nothing, but at least I know;
While they vote green and drink their espressos
Discussing film festivals, all as a write-off.
Off with your head;
Body loves the dirty work
Love your job, but it will never love you like an automobile
Fetuses, peoples, and angels hang the same on the mobile
If it wasn’t for the blindfold, you’d ask
"What am I looking for, living for, breathing for?"
"Who’s them? not i, but it must be the plutonium in me."